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Depression Sucks – Watch on Youtube

For a limited time only you can watch this screwball comedy I had the pleasure of doing the post production sound editing and mix. Contains strong language. Depression Sucks is a screwball comedy about the darkest part of the mind coming to life and dictating every...

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Happy New Year!

Well 2012 has been a great year! Highlights involve traveling around the Great British countryside for 28 weeks of Escape to the country, 6 weeks in Romania for a feature documentary “Chuck Norris vs Communism” charting the incredible story of the pirate VHS tapes...

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New site!!!!

Well its been a long time coming but I’m glad to announce the launch of the new site. I’ve been rocking a very bland and basic site for the last couple of years due to my lame HTML skills…. I know its still not groundbreaking but trust me its better than the last :)...

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